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This collection of high achieving males is limited to either VC or UT 1 of FC/AFC/MH with NA Prize Title.  In addition, PENNHIP and/or OFA hip and thyroid results must be submitted.

VC Martinsen's West Bound MH UT 1

Martinsen's West Bound is a beautiful boy with a bright and successful career. At the tender young age of 1yr 10mts he earned a prize one Navhda Utility score and an invite to the prestigious 2016 Navhda Invitational. One of the youngest vizsla to ever earn this invite. West has exceeded or expectations. His outstanding drive and willingness to please comes hand in hand with his biddable nature.  The puppies produced from this stud are full of drive and very biddable. They are bold and are powerful vizslas. 

Health Testing:

Penn Hip

Left: 0.24

Right: 0.23

OFA Thyroid: Normal

VC Martinsen's Mo River Reggie UT1

Reggie is lovely boy owned, trained, and handled by Phil Meyer. This big boned bird loving dog loves his job and tackles any challenge you throw at him. Reggie has a super strong natural retrieve and is very biddable. Phil handled him to a Navhda Utility Prize one and his most recent accomplishment...a Navhda​ Versatile Champion! There is a lot to be said about a dog who is owner handler trained. Reggie is out of VC Martinsen's Lil Pheasant Popper and CH Kivalo's Milo Man at Martinsen MH UT1. Being in the water is second nature for Reggie. His strong water drive and field drive make for a dynamite hunting dog and a bird bagging machine. Reggie's best friends are the small yorkie and house cat and his son Rogan. He has such a gentle demeanor and impeccable temperament. Reggie is a dog who will add good looks, great temperaments, strong prey drive, and biddability. He has already left his mark on his progeny.  

OFA Thyroid: Normal

Penn Hip: 



CH Kivalo's Milo Man at Martinsen UT1 MH

Kivalo's Milo Man at Martinsen is sweet energetic boy with lots of drive in the field and water. Milo earned his Navhda Utility Prize 1 with a maximum score of 204. He also earned his AKC Show Champion Title and AKC Master Hunter Title. Milo is a powerhouse in the bird field with medium range. The water is a second home for Milo. He is a very big boned boy and has great substance. This boy is full of talent and an asset to our breeding program. He is the father of VC Martinsen's Mo River Reggie and VC Martinsen's Got the Edge to Win

Health Test: CHIC Registered

Penn Hip

Left Hip: 0.21

Right Hip: 0.20

OFA Thyroid: Normal

Wall Canyon's Hammerin' Hank UT 1

Hank is a water driven, hard hunting bird beast.  He's the son of Wall Canyon Ripley's Believe it or Not and Martinsen's Mo River Reggie.  He got his mother's firepower and dad's strapping good looks.  He brings great proven NAVHDA lineage to the lineup of studs and won't disappoint in passing on his hard driving natural retrieve and desire to tear up the marsh and the wetlands. Big run, exceptional sweetness, and amazing desire to work, this dog and his dad Todd Peterson have hunted numerous states for upland birds and waterfowl in Canada.  Hank has proven himself in the marsh and the blind and at his young age, he's got a huge future!

Penn Hip

Left Hip: 0.30

Right Hip: 0.30

OFA Thyroid: Normal

Goose the WiggleButt UT 1 JHA

Goose is a driven but highly cooperative dog.  His water desire is off the charts and no duck is safe when he is around.  Goose's sweet temperament balanced with his bird finding abilities make him an exceptional animal.  Natural retrieve to spare, big run, and intensity on point that electrifies hunters.   Goose has an old world vizsla personality and exhibits exceptional abilities to produce game for the gun.  He's a gentle, well mannered family member and possesses the old world edge of original vizsla lines.  He achieved a Prize 1 204 in 2020 and is headed to the NAVHDA Invitational in 2021!


RH 0.14

LH 0.22

OFA Thryoid: Normal

Alpine's Golden Hour UT 1

Driggs achieved his Prize 1 in one try at the tender age of 25 months old.  Driggs has amazing style and snap in the field.  He's a natural born bird dog with a biddable and sweet personality.  He sailed through his training with very little actual hunting experience which says a ton about this young versatile vizsla.  He's a powerhouse in a small package with a ton of might!  He's spent some time in the AKC show ring as well and has secured numerous points towards his CH!  A boy to watch!  Driggs is on his way to the Invitational in 2021!




PennHip: 0.24/0.24 

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